What we offer

The compounds produced by Argus, range from catalysts to intermediates for the pharmaceutical industry, and impurities of API’s. The range of our production is in the scale from grams to hundreds of kilos.

Most of the chemicals we produce are the result of custom synthesis under secrecy agreement, so for this reason many compounds are not listed in the catalogue.

Argus Chemicals srl does not only have a large variety of chemicals available through its catalogue. We are also a research laboratory that specializes in Chemical Process Development, Custom Synthesis, and Analytical Method Development both on lab and pilot-plant scale.

Last,we are able, through a partnership to supply hundreds Kgs/ and tons of some our products. In the same way, we can help customers in their demands for products on a large scale.

Synthesis of fine organic chemicals, intermediates, and API’s

Development of analytical methods

Process optimization

Identification of impurities and metabolites

Isolation of impurities and metabolites

Multi-step synthesis

Chiral synthesis

Low temperature reactions

Air sensitive reactions

Argus Chemicals srl has a small but potent team of researchers focused on finding the solution to your problem. Try us, we are sure you will be satisfied.